Reviews of My Side of the Mountain's recordings

  • Digits

    Digits EP

    Out now

    The Digits EP has only just come out. We'll post the reviews here when we get them. We promise.

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  • 16 Seconds Happy

    16 Seconds Happy

    Released 2008

    ‘What is a little more startling is just how fine they are - their electro-folk pop is full of shining gems, all destined to steal your heart and make you...’BBC Manchester Introducing

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  • Bad Wizard

    Bad Wizard

    Released 2007

    ‘Their Bad Wizard/Ghost Notes demo has been an ongoing favourite on my show for its lovely electronic ambience.’John Kennedy (XFM)

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  • Lost Pilot

    Lost Pilot

    Released 2006

    ‘Travelling from the rolling peaks of Derbyshire their sound is filled with bustling, swinging guitars, picking banjos, electric organs and mellow tones.’ManchesterMusic

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Reviews of My Side of the Mountain's live gigs

  • James from My Side of the Mountain at XFM X-Posure in the Night and Day for In the City, Manchester

    Sounds From The Other City
    Rovers Return - Salford

    April 2006

    “Keeping with the Rovers (since they do a lovely pint of Guinness), My Side of the Mountain provide some euphorically gothic sounds (as in church organ, not black hoodie) with some Granddaddy stylings thrown in. At times some loud/quiet dynamics and variety of pace evokes Mogwai, but somehow less sinister. With Bloc Party drums and a bit of Badly Drawn boy, they’re eclectic, to say the least. There’s more than a bit of Hope of the States on ‘Lost Pilot’ too.”BBC Manchester

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