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    BAD WIZARD * Demo Single Of The Week * MMMM

    “Peak district musical pioneers, My Side Of The Mountain return with a quick follow up to last years “Lost Pilot”, delivering two simple tracks of glistening electronica and lighter than air melodies. Dig deep and “Bad Wizard” has a slow beating heart, but one that flows with third generation bloodlines, possibly even from distant and remote ancestors the Human League and New Order. My Side Of The Mountain however evoke a more glacial and gentle sound, devoid of brutality but at all times in possession of a suitably moody gaze.

    “Ghost Notes” is effectively a part two to the first track – a similar atmosphere does dip into the sound of a lighter form of shoegazing, so breezy are the vocals as they navigate through still and calm waters of these alternative, epic ballads. This sounds at times too soft to be related to anything with an urban ambition, but peer a little harder and you can see waves of bleak yet uplifting melodies.”

    By AS

  • Dazed & Confused

    Bad Wizard/Ghost Notes

    “Their Bad Wizard/Ghost Notes demo has been an ongoing favourite on my show for its lovely electronic ambience.”

    By John Kennedy (XFM)

  • The Beat Surrender

    Bad Wizard / Ghost Notes **** (4 Stars)

    “My Side Of The Mountain are a threesome from Derbyshire making a bit of a name for themselves over in Manchester.

    They say they make the music from whatever they find lying around, such as bleeping machines, lumps of wood, keyboards, drums and primary school percussion. Also, seem to be looking for people to mix and engineer for them and additional folk for the band! So it seems it could be work in progress for My Side Of The Mountain, however if this small sample of work is anything to go by they’re not doing too badly.

    Bad Wizard has a solid beat with what could have been an annoying bleep noise, however after a short while this seemed to blend into the background. What was left was gentle indie rock with a bit of a beat, vocals aren’t the strongest I’ve heard but this doesn’t detract from the overall sound.

    Ghost Notes is slightly more computer driven/electro keyboards to start with, again this isn’t something I would normally like but in the case the whole thing just sounds so right. Vocals are lovely, good lyrics and musically different enough from the run of the mill guitar and drums you find in indie bands to keep me interested. If they can develop this and keep the balance between interesting and to much reliance on the computer aided noise then I can see these going from strength to strength..”


  • Whisperin & Hollerin

    Bad Wizard/Ghost Notes

    “Their Casio-orientated bleep & chime thickened pulse is just the sort of deliberately discordant artificial noise that is so especially predisposed to emphasising pop's muse.”